Wait—How Did I Lose 25 Years?!?

Last night, I was hard at work getting rid of most of the stuff cluttering my office and my life. The next round of freebies to be given away on Craigslist was some software I no longer use from…holy crap…25 years ago?!? Once state-of-the-art products like Adobe Photoshop 3.0, Microsoft Quick C, and Visual Basic. I had to stop and ask myself: Why do I still have this stuff in my office?? But a bigger, more disturbing question is—where the hell did all these years go? And how did they go so fast?

So many things flashed through my mind: Seriously, where did the years go? (They evaporated.) What did I accomplish? (Not much.) How could I have wasted all that time? (Stupid is its own excuse.) And, of course, the inevitable question: Will I make better use of the time I have left? (You’re damned right I will!)

Speaking of years flying by, my friends on Twitter and elsewhere should add me quickly on Facebook —
http://facebook.com/writer2 — while I can still see and click the “Accept” button. I’m joking, of course, but I’m feeling melancholy this morning.

A great graphics program…25 years ago!

Relics from the Past

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