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Richard De A’Morelli
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Whether you intend to self-publish your book or submit it to an agent or publisher for consideration, your final draft should be professionally edited. This essential step will help to ensure that your manuscript is publication-ready and will make a favorable impression on those who read it.

A competent editor will not rewrite your work or change your voice or writing style; rather, he or she will focus on improving grammar and flow, reporting plot and character deficiencies, and correcting punctuation, spelling errors, and other typos. Your editor also will ensure that your manuscript adheres to modern style guidelines; typically, for fiction, Chicago Manual of Style.

Working as your editor, I will use my many years of experience to make your writing shine. I’ve worked as a senior editor, managing editor, writing instructor, and publishing consultant, and I have written and published 25 books, including a grammar bestsellers and two self-help/inspirational bestsellers. Browse my resume for details. My work is guaranteed, and I will provide you with a publication-ready final draft. My current rates and a brief definition of each service I offer are provided below:

Proofreading: $0.007 per word
Copy editing: $0.015 per word
Line editing: from $0.02 per word

Proofreading involves a careful review of your manuscript to correct misspelled and missing words, punctuation errors, and typos. This step is essential before you self-publish or submit your work to an agent or publisher.

Copy editing involves correcting grammatical errors, making light revisions to enhance clarity and flow, and enforcing consistent style throughout, using your choice of Chicago Manual of Style or AP Style. I will perform two rounds of editing, and a third pass to proofread, giving you a professionally edited and publication-ready manuscript.

Line editing  focuses on improving grammar, style, structure, and word choice. It includes copy editing and proofreading, as described above. I will make at least three editing passes, and a final pass to proofread.

In addition, I offer post-editing services to help self-published authors produce books of high quality and to help you navigate interaction with Amazon and other bookstores, which can be confusing and time-consuming.

Book Formatting: I will convert your edited manuscript to any standard file format: MOBI (Amazon Kindle), PDF (Amazon paperback), EPUB (Barnes & Noble, iStore, Google Play, etc.), or Enhanced PDF (for Ingram, a worldwide distributor to bookstores and libraries). My rate is $2.50 per thousand words for books to 60,000 words; and $2.00 per 1,000 words for books over 90,000 words. I offer a 50% discount if you purchase more than one format on the same work order. Books with advanced layout requirements (photos, charts, etc.) are quoted on a per-job basis, depending on the complexity and time required for the project.

Managed Uploads: I will create an account for you on Amazon (if you don’t already have one), or any other online bookstore, and I will upload your formatted book file and cover. I will oversee the review process and advise you of any revisions needed to meet the vendor’s specifications. I charge $50.00 per formatted edition for this service.

Consulting: If you have questions or need assistance with copyright filings, self-publishing, marketing, or related issues, my consulting fee is $25.00 per half-hour.

If I can help with editing or publishing your book, please contact me.

My Recent Projects

Here are a few of the talented authors and great reads I have edited recently with feedback on my work from the authors. Click on a book cover to read a sample chapter of the published book on Amazon, and click on the authors’ photos to explore other books they have written.

 When I first published Apocalypse Orphan, the company took my money and ran. Then I met Richard and he did a chapter for me and sent it back for me to review. It was amazing, my story had a new ‘zing’ to it. It’s amazing what a wordsmith can do. I was hooked. He has shown me what the power of the right word can convey, how adding or removing the right word can elevate your story to a new height. I look at the corrections or suggestions he sends and all I can say to myself is WOW, that sounds so much better! 
—Tim Allen


So very thankful for my editor, who I am pretty sure is the best there is, for his diligent work on Little Lost Girl and Eden’s Serum. Thank you, Richard De A’Morelli, you are a miracle worker!  —Angelique S. Anderson


You may have noticed that I commented under Richard’s description of his services [on Facebook] that I am a happy client. I am happy to do more than comment. I am happy to be a referral for him and his excellent services I received when he edited my book, Foster Cat, Foster Kid: God Says You Don’t Have to Eat Dirt Anymore! Although Richard said my book was well-written when I first submitted it to him, I was in serious need of his editing skills. I am absolutely convinced my book would not be what it is today if it weren’t for his expertise. I am a first-time author, and it comforted me to have Richard by my side as we went through this journey together in polishing my book. I highly recommend Richard for any editing job you may need. His price was reasonable and he did far above and beyond for what I paid him, in my opinion. His coaching style suited me perfectly, and his knowledge of grammar and punctuation are second to none. To top it all off, Richard and I got along famously. He is a genuinely nice person who wants the best for you and your work. I feel so fortunate to have found him.  —Katherine Jones