E-Book Sales Up 2.4% This Summer

Good news for writers—sales of e-books improved this summer for the first time in two years! Publisher’s Weekly reports that e-book sales from trade publishers rose 2.4% in May 2017, led by a 3.2% gain in adult book sales, offsetting a 3.2% decline in children’s and YA books, and a 9.4% decline in the religious … read more E-Book Sales Up 2.4% This Summer

Writers Beware — “Dear Sirs” Will Bring a Rejection Slip!

B&N Terminates Erotica Authors

Amazon has long had policies that prohibit various kinds of erotica (stories that sensationalize incest, rape, pedophilia, etc.), but some other online booksellers have been lax. Today, many erotica authors published on Nook found their books deleted and their accounts terminated. Some say their books have been selling on Nook for years and they were … read more B&N Terminates Erotica Authors

Should Writers Pay for Reviews?

Blast from the Past

The Perils of Vanity Publishing

Recently, I was chatting with a new friend on Twitter who got “stuffed” by the same publisher that my dear friend Angelique got tangled up with a year ago. Their stories are the same. The publisher’s name doesn’t matter …it’s a vanity publisher, and they all work the same: you pay a lot of money … read more The Perils of Vanity Publishing