Blast from the Past

As I begin the unpleasant chore of getting rid of most of the stuff I have accumulated over the years, tonight I came upon a blast from the past. Buried in the back of a large closet in my garage, I found 10 very heavy boxes. And when I peered inside, lo and behold—many, many like-new copies of my book, Psychic Power, printed 30 years ago and still as fresh as the day they came off the press! What am I going to do with 1,000 copies of that book? I don’t have the patience to sell them on Amazon :/

Interesting story about how those books came to be. Psychic Power was one of the more popular books I authored a long time ago. It went into four reprints and five languages. This was long before Amazon and the self-publishing revolution, and most writers just gritted their teeth and accepted royalties of 10 cents a copy. I got tired of being told that I was selling thousands of books, but earning less than $100 in royalties after the published deducted returns, accounting fees, promo fees, and more. So I said, I’ll publish a special edition myself. And I did, literally. I bought a printing press, put it in my apartment living room, and learned how to use it. I bought a collating machine (to assemble all the pages), and put that in my living room too. One of many reasons that my wife at the time said, “Ugh, outta here!”

Still, it was exciting to be a pioneer in the self-publishing movement back in the day when you had to own a printing press to be a publisher. Wow, has the world changed today! Anyway, a blast from the past, and 1,000 books weighing 600 pounds that I have no idea what I’m gonna do with, but they’ve got to go!

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