Aww, Twitter Dissed Me :(

Dear Twitter Admins:

Thanks for reviewing my request to be a “verified” Twitter user. I was disappointed that I am “not eligible” to be verified, especially after I saw today’s news: “On Tuesday, Twitter gave its preferred status, a verified check mark, to Jason Kessler, the creator of the white supremacist Charlottesville rally in August that left one dead. Kessler’s new verified status comes just 26 days after CEO Jack Dorsey again recommitted to eliminating ‘hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence’ from its platform.”

I was one of the earliest Internet adapters in 1980 (37 years before Twitter launched); I taught the first ever online writing class; I developed one of the first text-based interactive games; I founded the first e-learning community on the Web and one of the first 500 websites in 1994; and I have published 15 books over 35+ years, including a recent Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Forgive my snarky reaction, but I can’t help but wonder what standards your reviewers are using to decide who is worthy of verification. You might want to rethink your guidelines.



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