My Building Projects “To Do” List

So Much Junk Collected Over the Years

Never Give Up

A long time ago, when I initially set out to be a writer and before I sold my first book to a traditional publisher, I had a drawer full of form rejection slips—more than 100! But I persisted, and eventually landed a multi-book contract that launched my writing career. If you have writing in your … read more Never Give Up

Quiet Night, Too Much Thinking

Running Off the Tracks

A friend on Ello recently joked about writers running off the tracks, and after browsing my page, he wrote: “I would think, having surfed your page, you would be firmly on track. Completely, totally, one hundred percent, absolutely, positively, confirmed, obediently, full-fledged, and compliantly on track at all times.” I do try! Growing older has … read more Running Off the Tracks

Blast from the Past

I Love the Night