Trivia Wave Is Back!

Welcome to Trivia Wave 2023!

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Trivia Wave was a popular Web hangout for students at Virtual University. Adult learners from all walks of life came together to play this game for hours every night, and a devoted fan base developed. GQ magazine observed: “Trivia games have become a staple of the way we entertain ourselves, and reward ourselves for what we know, even if, by definition, the things we’re being rewarded for are of no use for anything but trivia games.”

After a long hiatus, Trivia Wave is now relaunching with a bold new look, hundreds of popular new topics, and thousands of challenging new questions. We have quite a few finishing touches to add in the coming days, so if you notice that something doesn’t work as it should, check back in a few days and it will likely be fixed.

Users who wish to play Trivia Wave must register for an account, and log in to reach the game page. Registration is free, membership is free, and you can play Trivia Wave free. Presently, you’ll receive five free game plays daily.

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