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How to Play Trivia Wave

To start the game, click or tap a Topic Box at the top of the app. Correctly answer as many questions as you can. After you complete the first four questions, you can end the game and save your score, or if you have positive score, you can move on to the next level. If you have a negative score, the game is over. As you progress to higher levels, the difficulty increases. Each question will be worth more points, and you'll have less time to answer.

Scoring: Answer a question correctly to earn the number of points shown. Tap once on the answer that you think is correct. If you are right, the points will be added to your score for the current round and to your total game score. If you miss a question, its point value will be subtracted from your score for the round and your game score total.

Each question is timed. If you run out of time before you answer, the points for that question will be subtracted from your score and the game ends, so don't let the clock run out! If you don't know an answer, make a guess and go on to the next question.

Strategy: You can use strategy to earn a higher score. Click the blue arrows   under the Topic boxes to swap the point value of one box with the adjacent box. In this way, you can rearrange the game board and try to earn more points for topics you know and lose fewer points on questions you expect to miss.

We'll be adding more features, including new trivia topics, ways to earn free plays, and prizes. How much time we put into developing Trivia Wave depends on how popular it is, so if you like the game, please share it with your friends.

Credits: Updating this application from code written 20 years ago would have been a complex and time-consuming task; however, we drastically cut the development time from weeks to a mere five days with help from ChatGPT, the OpenAI language model. We gratefully acknowledge the extensive advice and assistance provided during our back-and-forth interaction with this remarkable tool.