Not Everything Can Be Forgiven

Early this morning, before the sun came up and as I was getting ready to sleep (I’m a night owl), I heard a loud bang and squealing brakes on the street in front of my house. There have been numerous accidents out front, because idiots think it’s a drag strip. I walked halfway down my driveway to see what had happened and whether I should call 911.

About 100 feet in front of me, across the street, a very large dog was running in circles, obviously injured. The driver who had hit him hadn’t bothered to stop. A second car roared by, hit the dog again, throwing it into the air, and when it came down, it broke the windshield and bounced off. That driver also sped off, leaving glass all over the street. Horribly, the dog was still alive and badly wounded. Less than a minute later, a third car sped by, driving faster than the speed limit, and hit the dog in the head. There was a loud cracking sound, and the dog made a horrible squeal as it flew up and dropped into the gutter, dead.

This was the most horrible thing I have seen in the 15 years since I moved up here, and one of the worst, period—and I’ve seen bad things over the years. I wanted to cry and throw up at the same time. It took several hours to get the anguished groan and images out of my head. I finally fell asleep with my sick old cat curled up in my arm, his head on my shoulder.

To the three pieces of human garbage who drove by this morning, know that every cause has an effect, and karma will find you. You deserve every rotten thing in life that could possibly happen to you, and when tragedy does strike you, which it will, think back to this morning and you’ll see why “bad luck” has found its way into your life.

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