New Skate Park in Our Town!

We live in an amazing place. It is a small, unincorporated village on the California central coast, about three miles from the ocean as the crows fly. We are a 10-minute drive from beaches, a couple of them being world-renowned tourist attractions. In the afternoon, we often get a fantastic ocean breeze, and in the … read more New Skate Park in Our Town!

Envision the Joy

Cutting and removal of a whole tree is heavy-duty garden work. Richard and I have two out-of-control Acacia trees at our back property line that we have been working diligently to remove. Our plan for the backyard area will then allow us to complete a greenhouse where the trees are now and create a nice … read more Envision the Joy

Love and Light

These photos were taken after we’ve had our Monstera philodendrum for about eight months. They have both grown considerably from the six-inch tall, 3-4 leaf fledglings that we brought home last fall. While these plants are both thriving, the Monstera on the left is the plant that has gotten mostly artificial indoor light. It has … read more Love and Light

Stay Positive and Radiate Love

As sore and exhausted as I’ve been feeling in the evening lately, I still wake up feeling optimistic and energetic about the day ahead. Our latest remodeling project indoors was a small back bathroom that we repainted and freshened up last week. We used two different colors for this room. A peach color called Tomorrow’s … read more Stay Positive and Radiate Love