Table of Contents

Create a Blueprint for Self-Discovery & Change

Relax, Take a Deep Breath...and Start Living

The Courage to Change Your Life

Visualize the Possibilities

Your Road Map to the Future

Share the Light!

1: Make Each Day Count!

2: Making Choices

3: Discovering Your Strength Within

4: Move Over Fear-Courage Is Coming Through

5: Acts of Kindness and Timeless Beauty

6: Problem Solving Is Easier Than You Think

7: Fork in the Road

8: Calming the Mind, Body and Spirit

9: Stress - How to Cope With It

10: A Brief Discourse on Mantra Meditation

11: Centering in the Here and Now

12: Something Beautiful for God

13: Validation

14: Creating Happiness

15: Support

16: Letting Go and Starting Over

17: Changing My Life!

18: How to Use Dreams to Change Your Life